Always Forever

From Onething Live: You Satisfy My Soul, featuring David Brymer.

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Verse 1:

  FYou are the hand 
           Dmthat catches my fall
  CYou are the friend 
            Bbthat answers my call
  FYou are my day and 
DmYou are my night
  CYou are my love and 
Bb                    Call of my life


                          FYou are the love 
      CI need, You are 
       Dm      Bbthe air I breathe
                          FYou are my love, 
        Cmy life, 
           Bbalways forever
                          FI would lay down 
        Cmy life just to 
     Dm           Bbbe by Your side
                          FYou are my love, 
         Cmy life, 
           Bbalways forever

Verse 2:

  FYou are the grace 
           Dmthat covers my sin
  CYou’re everything, 
      Bbbeginning and end
  FYou have my soul, 
         Dmmy heart and my mind
  CYou have my love 
        Bb                    Cand all of my life

Interlude:     F   /   Am   /   Dm   /   C   /


   F      CHallelujah, 
Dm   Bbhallelujah
   F      CHallelujah,