Fill Me Up

From this prayer room set, from 1:21:44 to around 1:30:00.

The N.C./C in the Intro is a C bass note with no chords; you can hold a C or play the melody over a C bass note.

If you have any information about this song please let me know.

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N.C./CYou have searched 
 the deep things 
 of our ancient King
 Open up my eyes 
 to see what 
 You can see
 Take the things 
 of Jesus and then 
 give them to me
 ( C   G   Dm   G ) 

Verse 1:

C       F/C I have an ocean 
Am/C        G/Cliving deep inside 
 of me
C       F/C I have a river 
 Am/Cflowing from 
         G/Cthe deepest sea
C/E       F   I have the one 
              Amwho’s moving 
      Glike the mighty wind
C/E       F   I have the one 
 who brings back 
Am                      Glife from the dead


 Awaken love again 
     Cinside me, 
 Grevive me
        DmI’m desperate 
 Gfor You
 I want to feel the 
                  Cwind of God blow 
     Gthrough my soul
        DmI’m desperate 
 Gfor You
 And even though 
 my heart is 
C/E             Fdry and broken
 Here I am with 
 Am               Garms wide open
  FFill me, fill me, 
 fill me, fill me
 Spirit, come and 
 fill me up
 ( C   F   Am   G ) 

Verse 2:

  C       F/CYou are the one 
          Am/Cwho keeps me 
  G/Con the path of life
  C       F/CYou are the truth 
        Am/Cwho tells me what 
      G/Cis wrong and right
C/E       FYou are the one 
           Amwho holds me 
              Gin my darkest night
C/E       FYou are the Helper, 
                Amhelping me fight 
          Gthe fight