For Your Glory / Send the Winds

From Shout Your Name, a live album from Onething 2014.

Halfway through the Bridge, all instruments drop out except for drums (referred to as N.C. – no chords) and when they come back in the chords change slightly. The changes are noted at the bottom of this page; be sure to listen to the recording for the timing.

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   C   Dm   C/ELord, if       I find 
  F                        Gfavor in Your sight
   C   Dm   C/ELord,      please 
   F                            Ghear my heart’s cry
          F                      C/EI’m desperately waiting 
      F                         Gto be where You are
          FI’ll cross the 
                 C/Ehottest desert, 
         F              Am   GI’ll travel near or far


                    F    C/EFor Your glo – ry I will 
 F   Am   Gdo anything
                 F   C/EJust to see You, to 
        F            Am          Gbehold You as my King

Chorus:   (after key change)

                   G    D/F#For Your glo – ry I will 
 G   Bm   Ado anything
                G   D/F#Just to see You, to 
        G           Bm           Abehold You as my King

Bridge: *

                                            GSend the winds of refreshing, 
                                 D/F#God, send Your Spirit
                                            GSend the winds of refreshing, 
                                 Bm      AGod, send Your glory down

* The first time after N.C. Bridge, chords change to:   Bm   A   G   Bm   A
The third time after N.C. Bridge, chords change to:   C   Bm   G   Bm   A