How I Love You

From Well Pleasing.

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Verse 1:

    GYou’re the reach of 
                          D6/F#my heart; the goal which 
   EmI seek is God
    GYou’re the pearl of 
                        D6/F#great price; I see Your 
                     Emworth and give my life


Cmaj7 How I love You; 
   Em          D/F#there’s no one else 
      Cmaj7like You
 Who died 
      Em          D/F#that I might live through 
        ( Cmaj7 )You

Verse 2:

   GGod, my strength and glory, 
    D6/F#a present help 
           Emwhen no one’s for me
   GGod, the One and Only, 
      D6/F#will lift my face 
     Emto see His beauty


C                    A/C#   You’re my glory 
  D          B/D#                Cand the lifter of my head
               D          B/D#You’re for me; God, be 
 G    D/F#     ( C )for whom I stand