Sanctuary (D)

From The Best of the Prayer Room Live, Vol. 49, a compilation of live recordings from IHOP-KC’s prayer room.

This song also appeared on Well Pleasing, in E. Those chords are available here.

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Verse 1:

   DIf I could look upon You, 
         Gmy tongue would 
 strip of speech
        BmAnd all imagination would 
  Gfail to honor Thee
                      DYou’re the origin of beauty, 
         Gthe loveliest of all
 BmThere is simply no one 
  Glike our sovereign God


D                     G   God, be praised 
                         Bmin Your sanctuary, in 
                              GYour mighty dwelling
                                         DLet everything that has 
                                         Gbreath praise Your name
                          BmIn Your holy temple, 
                                       Gstand in awe and tremble
 And marvel 
                  ( D )at Your greatness

Verse 2:

         DWithin, Your walls are 
                     Gdazzling, tapestry are formed
      BmOf color, sound and 
 light and life, the 
      Gsplendor of the Lord
               DWhere everything is pleasing, 
          Git’s perfect in design
               BmWhere everyone cries, 
            G“Holy is the Lord Most High”

Tag 1:

G   I would rather be a 
 Bmdoorkeeper in Your temple
G   Than take the 
 place of honor 
 D            Aat the wicked’s table

Tag 2:

   ( A )Praise Him in 
            Gthe heights, 
                            Bmall you angels cry
                           G“Holy is the Lord 
               DMost High”
     APraise Him, 
                  Gall you saints 
                                 Bmhere on earth below
                           G“Holy is the Lord 
         D        Aof Hosts”

Tag 3:

  GLet everything that has 
                                     Bmbreath praise the Lord
  GLet everything that has 
                                       D   Abreath praise the Lord