From Well Pleasing.

This song also appeared on The Best of the Prayer Room Live, Vol. 49, in D with an additional tag. Those chords are available here.

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Verse 1:

   EIf I could look upon You, 
         Amy tongue would 
 strip of speech
       C#mAnd all imagination would 
  Afail to honor Thee
                      EYou’re the origin of beauty, 
         Athe loveliest of all
 C#mThere is simply no one 
  Alike our sovereign God


E                     A   God, be praised 
                         C#min Your sanctuary, in 
                              AYour mighty dwelling
                                         ELet everything that has 
                                         Abreath praise Your name
                         C#mIn Your holy temple, 
                                       Astand in awe and tremble
 And marvel 
                  ( E )at Your greatness

Verse 2:

         EWithin, Your walls are 
                     Adazzling, tapestry are formed
      C#mOf color, sound and 
 light and life, the 
      Asplendor of the Lord
               EWhere everything is pleasing, 
          Ait’s perfect in design
               C#mWhere everyone cries, 
            A“Holy is the Lord Most High”

Tag 1:

A   I would rather be a 
 C#mdoorkeeper in Your temple
A   Than take the 
 place of honor 
 E            Bat the wicked’s table

Tag 2:

   ( B )Praise Him in 
            Athe heights, 
                           C#mall you angels cry
                           A“Holy is the Lord 
               EMost High”
     BPraise Him, 
                  Aall you saints 
                               C#mhere on earth below
                           A“Holy is the Lord 
         E        Bof Hosts”