See His Love

From this prayer room set, from 2:11 to 9:40.

If you have any information about this song please let me know.

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Verse 1:

  BbPure and spotless, 
  Ebsent from heaven
 BbFor the broken 
 EbYou came
          CmYour life was the 
Bb/D                  Fransom that paid
         Cm             Bb/DThe debt that saved 
         Eb              Fme from the grave


Eb   See His 
       Flove at 
 the cross
Bb/D  He embraced the 
   Ebshame for us
Eb   See His 
            Fhands, open wide
Bb/D  Giving guilty 
  Ebones His life
  EbSinners born as 
   Bb               Ffriends of God
                EbAt the cross

Verse 2:

   BbCome, you weary; 
  Ebcome, you suffering
BbHe will lift up 
  Ebyour head
                 CmThough once far 
  Bb/D                   Faway without hope
        CmHe opened 
      Bb/Dthe way to 
   Eb             Fbring us close