Strike the Ground

From Azusa Now: The Coming Sound. This song features Michael Ketterer.

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                     CmThere’s a dance 
 that’s in Your children
 You’re given us the rhythm
 Now we’re stirring 
 up the heavens
                     AbBring the rain 
                     Fm(bring the rain, 
                    Bbbring the rain, 
 bring the rain)

Chorus 1:

Cm     We strike the ground 
 on the wells of revival
 Press forward, press forward


Cm     There’s a war going 
 on in the heavenlies
 And we’re tearing down 
 wicked principalities
 There’s a war going 
 on in the heavenlies
 And we’re raising 
 up righteousness
Cm     And we’re raising 
 up righteousness
Bb/D     And we’re raising 
 up righteousness
Eb     And we’re raising 
 up righteousness
Fm     And we’re raising 
 up righteousness

Chorus 2:

Cm     Our hearts are crying 
   Bb/Dout, we need 
 to see You now
Eb     Your kingdom come in 
          Fmpower, send the rain
Ab     Our hearts are crying 
    Fmout, we need 
 to see You now
Cm     Your kingdom come in 
        Bb/Dpower, send the rain
Ab                        Fm     Send the rain, send 
 the rain
Cm                     Bb/D     Send the rain, send 
 the rain

Bridge 1:

Cm   I see Satan 
 fall like lightning
 I see Jesus lifted higher
 Fear can’t stop us, 
 death can’t stop us
 We go forth in victory 
 by the blood of the Lamb

Bridge 2:

N.C.Every tribe, every tongue
 Strike the ground, 
 bring the rain