Who Is Like the Lord

From Love Makes Us Strong, a live album from Onething 2015.

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Verse 1:

F   Thundering 
               Cmajesty, bursting 
                     Dmforth in love
 Speaking forth life into 
         Bbbeing and pouring out 
 grace from above
F   Desiring mercy that 
               Cnever ends, You 
                       Dmare good always
 We’ll sing of Your 
                 Bbfaithfulness for 
 all of our days


                                 FWho is like the Lord, 
                                Cwho is like the Lord
                               DmWho is like the Lord, 
 His greatness 
            Bbis unsearchable

Verse 2:

F   Myriads of 
            Cangels surround 
             DmYour throne
 All cry glory in your 
            Bbtemple and make 
 Your great name known
F   We stand in awe of 
                   Cwho You are, so 
                       Dmwe lift our gaze
 To the one seated 
                 Bbon the throne, 
 the Ancient of Days

Bridge 1:

         Gm              DmWith all of the glory 
        Bband all of the honor
          GmOur hearts and our 
 Dm                   Bblove we give to You
       Gm                     DmWe lift high Your great name 
         Bband offer up our praise
 GmWho can we 
Dm      Bbliken to You

Bridge 2:

           FWe tremble before You 
              C/Ein the greatness 
 of Your love
         DmWe tremble before You, 
                  BbYou are beautiful
 You are beautiful 
   ( F )(Jesus)
 You are beautiful, 
   F      C/EJesus
 You are beautiful, 
 Dm    BbJesus